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Group News | 2022.04.27 | 622
LandVac Vacuum Insulated Glass: Caring Your Health in “Quietness”
The International Noise Awareness Day fell on April 27, 2022. It aims to make more and more people aware of this “invisible killer” through the promotion of noise pollution and other relevant information. LandVac Vacuum Glass Caring Your Health in “Quietness”

The International Noise Awareness Day fell on April 27, 2022. It aims to make more and more people aware of this “invisible killer” through the promotion of noise pollution and other relevant information.

1. It is ture that noise kills

A renowned weekly magazine published a report stating that noise is an important cause of stress and death for many people. The report showed that 3% of the deaths from heart attack or stroke in Europe are due to traffic noise. Since about 7 million people globally die of heart attack each year, there may be about 210,000 people dying from diseases caused by noise each year using this proportion given above.

In fact, noise killing is closely related to the structural features of our body. As different parts and systems in the human body have their own inherent frequencies, when the body is subjected to vibration frequencies close or equal to the inherent frequency of a certain part, it will resonate causing harm to the body tissues. If the resonance occurs in an important organ, the discomfort experienced by the body will be more intense, triggering a stronger reaction and causing more damage to us.

Instrumental tests showed that the sound pressure level of traffic noise is mainly below 200Hz which is considered low frequency noise. When the inherent frequencies of different parts and systems in the human body are in the same frequency range, it is easier to create resonance and cause harm to the human body. At the same time, low-frequency noise can directly penetrate human ear bone, stimulating emotional nerve tension, peripheral vasoconstriction, tachycardia, elevated blood pressure. In addition, low-frequency noise contains the features of slowly fading noise, long transmission distance and strong diffraction ability. It is not easy to detect low-frequency noise. As such, people who work and live near highways or in urban areas with heavy traffic are vulnerable to heart attack, stroke and other fatal diseases induced by low-frequency noise.

Apart from being capable of killing people, noise is also one of the culprits that lead to the sub-healthy state of human life. Data research found that prolonged exposure to an environment with excessive noise can cause permanent threshold shift, that is, hearing loss. Noise acts on the human central nervous system, causing headaches, insomnia, neurasthenia and other chronic neurological disorders, sleep disorders induced by noise. The risk of having depression, anxiety and even suicide is 1.4 times higher than the general population. For every decibel increase in urban noise, the incidence of hypertension rises by 3%. Noise affects the fetuses and child development. The intellectual development of children in noisy environment is very slow, about 20% lower than normal … 

2. The key to indoor noise reduction lies in the glass

A domestic scholar has tabulated that “modern people spend more than 80% of their lives indoors.” As such, the comfort of indoor environment profoundly affects the physical health and work efficiency of all people.

While analyzing the source of indoor noise, it can be found that noise is mainly originating from the followings: noise transmitted through the doors and windows, noise transmitted through the walls, noise transmitted through the ground, noise transmitted through the indoor pipes, and noise transmitted from some mechanical and electrical equipment in the residence. Statistical research found that among these noise sources, 90% of the external noise is transmitted into the room through doors and windows. However, glass is a key component occupying 70% of the door and window area. Consequently, the key lies in the noise reduction ability of the door and window glass to reduce indoor noise and improve the quality of life.

3. LandVac Vacuum Glass Caring Your Health in “Quietness”

In China, there are common window and door glass namely ordinary insulating glass, laminated glass and vacuum insulating glass. To verify the actual sound insulating effects of these types of glasses, we have used LandVac (vacuum insulated glass invented by LandGlass) to conduct a comparison experiment. Specifically, the results are as follows: (the attached diagram is a bridge-cut aluminum alloy 60 window + LandVac with laminated glass)


The above measurement data concisely shows that the sound insulation of ordinary insulating glass is only 20.8 dB, while LandVac vacuum glass has a value of 29.5 dB. The sound insulation of LandVac with laminated glass hits 36.4 dB, which is near twice as much as ordinary insulating glass. Even in the daytime, the doors and windows equipped with LandVac with laminated glass can reduce the indoor noise to 29 dB, cutting the outdoor noise by over 50%, meeting the requirement of less than 30 dB of noise in the bedroom stipulated in the new version of the “General Specifications for Constructed Environment”.

International Noise Awareness Day, LandVac Vacuum Glass Caring Your Health in “Quietness”

Noise in the room with opened window | Noise in the room with closed window

The reason why LandVac has better sound insulation performance than ordinary glass lies in its unique structure and construction principles. The medium of sound transmission is mainly air, water and solid. While the vacuum glass is sealed with two pieces of flat glass and the air in the middle being pumped out to form a vacuum chamber, it cuts off the pathway of noise transmission and created a characteristic of zero sound transmission. The vacuum chamber also cuts off the pathway of heat transmission and also achieves zero heat transmission. As such, LandVac has become the new generation of high-tech glass products with superior performance such as remarkable heat insulation, extreme sound insulation, ultra-low dew point and others. It is an ultimate product with outstanding energy-saving and noise reduction features.


The studies show that nearly two-thirds of the urban residents in the country live in an environment where noise has surpassed the standard specifications. The noise created in many urban living areas is higher than 60 dB. In 2020, the “ national ecological environment petition report management platform” received more than 441,000 complaints from the general public, of which 41.2% of that were about noise nuisance. The hazardous effect of noise is a commonplace nowadays!

Technology triggers changes in our living environment. Quickly come to experience the wonders of LandVac vacuum insulating glass and discover the “peace of mind” and wave goodbye to the harmful noise.