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Technical features
Flexible Lead-free Alloy Sentry
Flexible Lead-free Alloy Sentry

Taking full advantage of the plasticity and toughness of metal materials, LandVac adopts a patented lead-free alloy as the sealing material around the vacuum chamber. The welding process is completed in a vacuum state to minimize the additional stress after welding. The quality and service life of the sealing is guaranteed by the online non-destructive flaw detection instrument.

Continuous Vacuumizing Process
Continuous Vacuumizing Process

Set reasonable temperature profile, pressure profile and motion velocity profile in the vacuum section according to the gas desorption behavior. Ensure that the vacuum level of each qualified product meets the quality standard through sufficient vacuumizing, online direct vacuum detection and offline indirect measurement and simulation calculation.

Multiple Safety Enhancement
Multiple Safety Enhancement

LandVac uses the tempered safety glass as its sheet glass sealed with FLAS Flexible Lead-free Alloy Sentry
 in the process. The stress balance control technology after sealing completely eliminates the additional stress on the edge of LandVac, allowing LandVac to have its bend strength, wind pressure resistance, and comprehensive safety far superior than those of similar products.

LandVac Laboratory

LandVac laboratory is a professional vacuum insulated glass laboratory built by LandGlass in accordance with international first-class standards. The laboratory is in a leading position in terms of R&D, platform, and personnel training. The laboratory is equipped with more than 60 sets of advanced professional R&D equipment and testing instruments. The vacuum insulated glass R&D team consists of many multidisciplinary talents. LandVac laboratory  has established a long-term scientific research cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes. By continuously investing in vacuum glass material development, production process and equipment, product applications, and technical improvement in all aspects, LandVac laboratory is leading the rapid development and application of vacuum insulated glass products throughout the entire industrial chain.

Million yuan
Value of lab configuration
Various R&D equipment and testing devices
PhDs and Masters in the Professional R&D team
LandVac Laboratory
A better Planet Because of LandVac
Compared with three-pane insulating glass, the accumulated amount of coal resources saved and the amount of CO2 emission reduced by LandVac in a year
Coal has been saved
6,098,220.57 kg
Carbon dioxide emissions has been reduced
17,371,216.89 kg

Analysis results from the simulated thermal and cooling load and annual building energy consumption of single Low-e LandVac 

compared with that of three-pane insulating glass based on typical Beijing meteorological year data. 

The calculation results are derived by using ASHRAE Standard 90.1 for commercial building

with an area of 7660 ㎡ and 10 stories above ground and 1000㎡ glass areas. 

The air-conditioned areas mainly include offices and conference rooms (excluding hallways).  

The air-conditioning system employs a fan-coil Dedicated Outdoor Air System with a water chiller unit as the cooling source.